Valve Sound Buffer

Valve Sound Buffer Circuit

‘Valve sound’ is not just an anachronism: there are those who remain ardent lovers of the quality of sound produced by a valve amplifier. However, not everyone is inclined to splash out on an expensive valve output stage or complete amplifier with a comparatively low power output. Also, for all… Continue reading

Hybrid Headphone Amplifier

Hybrid Headphone Amplifier Circuit Diagram

Potentially, headphone listening can be technically superior since room reflections are eliminated and the intimate contact between transducer and ear mean that only tiny amounts of power are required. The small power requirement means that transducers can be operated at a small fraction of their full excursion capabilities thus reducing… Continue reading

SRPP Headphone Amplifier

SRPP Headphone Amplifier

Mention tube amplifiers and many designers go depressive instantly over the thought of a suitable output transformer. The part will be in the history books forever as esoteric, bulky and expensive because, it says, it is designed and manufactured for a specific tube constellation and output power. There exist thick… Continue reading